Underground Utility Locating Company

Weather you are installing a new fence, or excavating a foundation for a new building,
underground utilities can play a major role in your day-to-day excavation schedule. Unplanned or
unknown utilities can delay projects, and repairs can cost thousands. At Subterra, we help
contractors, engineers, and environmental companies lower costs by providing critical
information about the utilities underground.

Subterra Utility Locating Inc. is Tucson Arizona’s #1 leading provider in Utility Locating Services!

Gas / Fuel Oil / Petroleum / Steam
Communications / Telephone
CATV / Fiber Optics
Potable Water
Reclaimed Water / Slurry
Non-Potable Water
Sanitary Sewer
Storm Sewer
Proposed Excavation
Temporary Survey Markings
APWA Uniform Color Code

Underground Utility

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Our services eliminate costly engineering
mistakes and utility repairs by locating
underground utilities before you dig.
Arizona Blue Stake (811) notifies utility
that an excavation is about to occur. Many
times, Tucson’s utility providers will only
locate facilities that they own, leaving the
rest unmarked. Contact Us Now to learn
how we can help.

Lower Costs and Prevent

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Our utility locating service can protect you
and your crews from unwanted problems
that arise from the damage of
underground utilities. The fact of the
matter is that not all underground utilities
are marked on every job site, and this
could lead to major problems when a
damage occurs. Contact Us to learn how
we can improve your job site
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