More About Subterra Utility Locating

Now more than ever, it is critical for excavators, engineers, environmental drillers, and other
construction professionals to have the underground utilities on the construction sites
marked out and located. Blue Stake (Call 811) is a valuable resource, but can not be relied upon to
locate all underground utilities. The fact is that utility providers such as CATV, Telephone, Electric,
and Natural Gas are only required to mark out the utilities for which they own. The rest falls into a
grey area, and are quite often never located until it is too late.

Subterra Utility Locating can help fix that problem by providing you by locating and marking out all
utilities on a construction or job site. We take the time to investigate the work area for all utilities,
including private utilities that will not be marked otherwise. By marking these utilities, we can
eliminate costly damages for our clients, resulting in less down time, and a better approach to
construction safety.

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